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Episode 7 | SEC Football Preview | Week 8

Week 8 of the college football season is here and Episode 7 of the Punt On Third Down Podcast is ready for your ears to consume.

Alabama-Texas A&M Preview | Trevor Knight Is Key But Won’t Open Door To Victory

The key to the door of victory over Alabama in the Nick Saban era is out-of-this-world quarterback play. Not just a good quarterback playing as expected, but a good or great quarterback upping his play to great or legendary. One... Continue Reading →

An Alabama Fan’s Plight Growing Up In Big Orange Country (From

Thanks for taking the time to read my story of growing up an Alabama fan in Big Orange Country. Many of you probably have a similar story. Thanks to Clay Travis for posting it to his website the first year... Continue Reading →

Episode 6.1 | ‘Tom Rinaldi’ Third Saturday In October Feature


Credit goes to Dan Harralson's YouTube post for the audio. You can watch the moving pictures that go along with the audio here. 

College Football Instant Reaction | Week 6

Did you see the devastation from the storm that blew in during that battle this weekend? What a mess. I have no idea who should get my vote. ORE "GONE" Remember when the Oregon Ducks were so good that they... Continue Reading →

5 Week 6 SEC Football Preview

Punt On Third Down Podcast | Episode 5 | Week 6 SEC Football Preview

What The Hail Mary? College Football Instant Reaction | Week 5

Tennessee's Week 5 Hail Mary topped the other two plays that supposedly clinched the game for both teams.

Punt On Third Down Podcast | Episode 4 | Eric & Tyler

Episode 4 | Eric Taylor and Tyler Faulkner break down Week 5 of the SEC Football season. They also talk about where Les Miles will end up and what direction LSU will go to replace Miles as head coach. The... Continue Reading →

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