Did you see the devastation from the storm that blew in during that battle this weekend? What a mess. I have no idea who should get my vote.

Remember when the Oregon Ducks were so good that they would score 70 points before the first commercial break? Those days are long gone. Oregon has lost four consecutive games and just gave up 70 points to the new Pac-12 darling, Washington Huskies, at Autzen Stadium. Autzen Stadium, the place where so many dreams went to die twelve deaths. Autzen Stadium, where that many points haven’t been scored by the visiting team since December 6, 1941. Texas scored 71 that day. The next day our country changed forever when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor to thrust the United States into World War II.

The Pac-12 must be all in on the Huskies if they plan on making reservations for the College Football Playoff. It would not be a bad idea for the entire country to be all in on this team. Remember Boise State when they were the talk of the town? Huskies’ head coach has brought the same winning attitude and process to Seattle that he instilled in his time in Boise.

The biggest difference between Boise State and Washington will be that no one can say that Washington conference is weak. Boise constantly fought the stigma of being the team that was not ready for prime time. That will not be the case now. The only thing to come between the Huskies and the College Football Playoff is a loss, which is not completely out of the realm of possibility. The Huskies still have to play at Utah, at Cal, and at Washington State to end the season. They also have home games with Oregon State and USC remaining on the schedule, so no one in Seattle should book a trip to Atlanta, Glendale, or Tampa just yet. But having the travel agent on speed dial would not be the worst idea either.

Alabama defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick intercepted three passes in the Tide’s 49-30 win over Arkansas Saturday night at Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville. The third went for 100 yards and a touchdown. So, for those of you keeping score at home, Fitzpatrick would have been tied with Calvin Ridley for catches and second to Ardarius Stewart in yards with 114. Stewart had five receptions for 120 yards on the night.

Although both Alabama and Tennessee will not come into this game undefeated for first time since 1989 after Tennessee’s thrilling 45-38 double-overtime loss to Texas A&M in College Station, the stakes resemble what has made this game one of the SEC’s best rivalries. Alabama will be ranked at No. 1 and we can assume Tennessee will be ranked somewhere in the Top 20, more than likely closer to No. 10 than 20 since the then No. 9 Vols came so close to defeating the No. 8 Aggies on the road. This will be the first meeting between the two schools as ranked teams since 2005 when Alabama outscored Tennessee in a 6-3 shootout.

Another factor that will remind fans of the good old days is the date the game is played. The title of the rivalry has been solely based on name only, but this season the rivalry returns to the actual third Saturday in the month of October.

We are all filled with relief that everyone is safe in Gainesville and we certainly understand the reasoning behind postponing Saturday’s game with LSU as Hurricane Matthew made a b-line toward the coast of Florida. However, it is time to get this game rescheduled. With Tennessee’s loss at Texas A&M, Florida may have been the weekend’s biggest winner without even dressing out to play a game. A loss to a very hot LSU team on Saturday would have put Florida in a nearly impossible position to win the East unless Tennessee lost to Alabama and Missouri or Kentucky or South Carolina, or Vanderbilt.

No one is accusing the Gators of avoiding LSU. Yet. If this game cannot be rescheduled, LSU and Florida both will suddenly avoid a loss and put themselves in prime position to win their respective divisions. The SEC determines division winners by winning percentage and not by number of wins. An Alabama loss to LSU.

What this postponement may have done more than anything is save the weekend before rivalry week in the SEC. November 19 is a day of donations for the SEC as they play Cupcake U. before ramping up for a Thanksgiving weekend of Iron Bowls and Egg Bowls. LSU and Florida can pay South Alabama and Presbyterian, respectfully, to make other plans on that November 19th Saturday so the SEC can ensure that every team has played its full lot of conference games.