My Nose And My Face
This may be a little on the nose, but Auburn kicker Daniel Carlson hit six field goals and one field nose.

Here’s the video

Then we were able to confirm that her face did not fall off thanks to this interview.

I think there were other games and stuff so we can talk about those as well if you want.

LSU Scores With No Time Left
Oh, yeah. Did you see the end of the game where the girl got hit in the face? LSU scored a touchdown with no time left on the clock to give Auburn the 18-13 win. The ball was snapped after the clock had already hit zero and Les Miles is once again on the wrong side of game clock.

There’s also the saying, “You can’t win games kicking field goals.” This saying in Auburn has been changed to, “You can’t win games kicking field goals, UNLESS you have Daniel Carlson as a kicker.” The guy was 6-for-6 on the night and scored every point for Auburn in the win.

Florida Does Best Ole Miss Impression And Blows Huge Lead | Vols Dominates Second Half
Florida held a 21-3 lead at halftime and it appeared the Gators were on their way to a 12th consecutive win over the Vols. Tennessee could not catch a cold in the first half and any and all positive plays were met with demise soon thereafter with a turnover or fizzled-out drive.

Tennessee’s opening drive of the third quarter looked successful until Josh Dobbs through an interception deep in Florida territory. The Volunteer defense built a wall on the field and turned Florida’s offense into nothing more than a three-play opening act for the punt team. Florida’s eight yards on 11 plays in the third quarter set the tone for the remainder of the game as Tennessee reeled off 38 unanswered points to take a 17-point lead before the Gators scored their only points of the second half to cut the final deficit to 10 points.

The biggest takeaway thus far in four weeks of college football is that no lead is safe. Feel free to believe otherwise, but Florida and Ole Miss can make three rather convincing cases.

Texas A&M Has Already Beaten Auburn and Arkansas
Arkansas was my dark horse to give Alabama the biggest challenge in the West. Both Florida and Arkansas were pretty high on my list, but the list has been tossed in the trash with more damage than a bracket with an upset-filled opening day of the NCAA Tournament.

Texas A&M went into AT&T Stadium and pulled away (way, far away) from Arkansas in the fourth quarter to get a huge 45-24 win. The Aggies and Vols now have an October staring them in the face that could set up a November run to Atlanta for one or both teams. These accelerating ships will meet head-on on October 8th when A&M welcomes Tennessee to College Station.

The only other games on October 8th are Alabama at Arkansas and LSU at Florida. Wow.

It’s also important that I give credit to Texas A&M quarterback, Trevor Knight. He only completed 12 of his 22 passes for 225 yards, but he threw for two touchdowns and threw no interceptions. His biggest accomplishments came when he held the ball and ran. Knight’s 48-yard touchdown run with :13 left in the first half to tie the game 17-17 sent all the momentum to the Aggies locker room and it never went away. Knight finished as the leading rusher with 157 yards and 2 touchdowns on 10 carries. One chunk of that 157 yards came on a late 62-yard run to end the game.

Trevor Knight is getting better each week. He may not complete much more than 50 percent of his throws, but the ones he completes come at the most crucial moments. As of this moment, all Knight does is win.