Tide Hits On 21 To Bust Ole Miss

The dudes at Pro Football Focus know stuff. Taylor Wright wrote and predicted that Alabama would have a breakthrough game on the ground against Ole Miss and he was spot on. Alabama’s offense compiled 334 yards rushing with freshman quarterback Jalen Hurts leading the way by two yards over sophomore running back Damien Harris. Hurts had two additional attempts (18) to get his 146 yards.

Alabama trailed by 21 late in the second quarter before scoring two quick touchdowns before the half and then tying it early in the third quarter. The run game took over, as referenced above, and Alabama will more than likely remain No. 1, but Ohio State and Louisville will now receive the high fives and pats on the back that the Tide received from the college football world after the Week 1 win over USC.

Via @BamaRee1127 among others

Missurrender & Ole Missurrender Cobras

Bless their hearts. Hands on head. Mad enough to spit. It’s the Surrender Cobras Week 3. Missouri and Ole Miss both appeard to have victory in hand. The hands quickly moved atop the skull as victory turned to sour defeat. For Ole Miss, the train of defeat came out of nowhere before easing off the throttle and slowly crushing the Rebels. For Missouri, the train hit on fourth down late in the fourth quarter and they never saw what hit them. I will admit that I had no idea Tom Rinaldi would be so upset about a Rebels’ loss.

This Ain’t Your 2013 Auburn Tigers

You can almost read Gus’ lips as he explains (questions) his coaching staff. “How are we this bad on offense?” At least the Gus Bus will have a chance to groom a young quarterback over the next few weeks as Auburn comes to LSU, Ole Miss, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi State, and Alabama. (Julie Bennett/jbennett@al.com)

Florida Will Make It 12 Straight Over Tennesse Next Saturday

Tennessee continues to impress no one with their ability to win by playing sloppy on both sides of the ball and losing key players to injury each week. This team believed the hype they heard about themselves all off-season and they have played each game as if the other team will be equally impressed with potential greatness. Florida will not be compelled to hand Tennessee the game Saturday no matter how much the Vols believe it’s their turn to win a game in this rivalry, not to mention how loud Neyland Stadium will be by kickoff. While everyone that bleeds orange waits for compliments about how great the checkerboard pattern of the crowd looks, Florida will smack people in the mouth and pee in everyone’s bowl of Wheaties before Verne Lundquist can say “Who was that? Oh my!”